The Beginning


Jeannetta Thomas also known as J.Thomas is the owner and founder of I'Me designs. She is a Montgomery, AL native and a graduate of Kansas City Kansas Community College and Alabama A&M University. She prides herself on designing from the heart and putting time and passion behind every stitch she adds to her designs. There is no greater love that she shares greater then that of designing!


"Yes, the designing vision started to develop when I was at Kansas City Kansas Community Collage in 2006. Once my mind started going it never stopped. I went on to attend Alabama A&M University where I studied Fashion Design and graduated there in 2009. I later attended O'More collage of design for a year in 2010 to polish up my design skill.."











The Vision

From there she went on to design independly to create the brand known as I'Me.


The company name is "I'Me" pronounced "I'm Me" and a slogan that asks "Why be anybody else???" We believe that it is much easier to be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin versus trying to be someone else. I'Me designs are focused on uniqueness and providing a variety of styles. At I'Me, curves rule the runway and we help people embrace their inner confidence and sexy. "


Breaking into the fashion industry can be a challange but there are plenty of creative ways to do it. J.Thomas latest venture proves that innovation is everything.


"For a while I wanted to work under other designers and did some retail but none of it was fulfilling. I keep doing local and surrounding city fashion shows and fell deep in love with the travel and fashion combination. So I worked on the American Queen Steamboat Company  as a Seamstress for 2 seasons, but the long hours and average pay wasn't enough for me. So I save up to get back to my independence."


Now What???

After trying to decide on how or where to get a storefront, She decided to follow her heart's desire to design and travel.


"For years I had talked about doing a mobile store, but thought those were just odd thoughts I was having until  I was visiting Houston,TX summer 2013. I went to a FASHION TRUCK FESTIVAL and relieved I wasn't the only one having "odd thoughts". So I  hopped into gear and after saving the money when I was on the steamboat working... I put my plan into action."


         April 25, 2015






Why be anybody else???



Be sure to follow us on social meda to see if we will be traveling to a city near you in our MOBILE BOUTIQUE or a Fashion Pop-up shop!


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