The Runway +
June 29, 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Full Figured Fashion Week 2015 hit New York this past week in one of the most epic events in plus size fashions. therunway+ couldn’t have been happier to attend and be one of many great sponsors for the fashion juggernaut. With both major retailers and up-and-coming indie designers showing us what they got, plenty of talent took the runway. Check out some our favorite trends from the week of fashion celebration.


#FitForMeFFFWeek Indie Designer Showcase

Curvy Connect Magazine CCM

June 25, 2015


You’ve heard the cliché “think outside the box.” Well innovative designer Jeannetta Thomas of I’Me wants you to join her inside the box… Step inside the I’Me Mobile Boutique! I bet someone is saying to themselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Shop designs with funky patterns and complete your look with custom accessories. This boutique on wheels may be coming to a city near you carrying women’s sizes 6-24! “I’Me! Why be anybody else?”



6 Killer Trends, As Seen At Full Figured Fashion Week 2015 by Nora Whelan

Stripes, sparkles, sheerness, and more.

June 24, 2015


This past weekend, BuzzFeed Life attended Full Figured Fashion Week’s closing events. From capes to tutus to wax prints and more, here’s just a small sampling of the trends on parade.

Full Figured Fashion Week: Indie Fashion Show

By: fashionablenerd

June 23, 2015


So, last week was Full Figured Fashion Week (FFF Week hereafter), and while I didn’t get a chance to participate as fully as I did last year because of work, I still got a chance to enjoy one of my favorite parts of the week: the Indie Fashion Show.

Not familiar with what an Indie Fashion Show is? Think like the brands that you never hear about. Brands I knew I wasn’t even familiar with until I attended my first FFF Week. Brands that aren’t featured on ASOS or Ashley Stewart or Lane Bryant, but are just as avant garde and stylish. Beautifully unique, like we are as curvy women.

FFFWeek Recap: Full Figured Fashion Week 2015 Indie Showcase
TCF The Curvy Fashionista
June 22, 2015
Have you been following long on Facebook and Instagram? There has been such a buzz around the shows from the 7th Full Figured Fashion Week and today, I am here to share with you the looks that wowed during the Indie Designer Showcase! The designers and models brought it for an eager and fashion hungry audience.

If you have never had the pleasure of attending FFFWeek, I strongly suggest that you get there while you can and experience it at least once! Each year that I attend, there is a new vibe, new designers, and different events and crowds that make each FFFWeek one to remember! I have been to each one, since inception and I have to say that I always leaving falling in love with a designer or two!

I’Me by Jeannetta Thomas at Full Figured Fashion Week 2015

By: Farrah Estrella

June 20, 2015


I’Me by Jeannetta Thomas showcased her latest collection last night in New York City during Full Figured Fashion Week 2015.

Jeannetta Thomas also known as J.Thomas is the owner and founder of I'Me designs. The company's name is "I'Me", pronounced "I'm Me" and their slogan is "Why be anybody else?”. They offer clothing in sizes 6/8 to 22/24.

Thomas is the proud owner of a mobile boutique, a very modern concept for fashion that is becoming very popular.

During the 2010 Showcase Eva Pigford recieved a custom one shoulder jumper which was later named the

"EEVA Jumper"


Why be anybody else???



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